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What is Tantra?

Tantric Massage London Tantra is a sacred ancient teaching that found its way through Hinduism and Buddhism to this present day. There are numerous branches of tantra and some of them involve sexual act as a passage to the spiritual world. Tantra stands for the accumulation of all those different branches. The main aim of tantra is for us to gain greater sexual awareness and energy balance to our body, which improves all aspects of our life and health, being mental, spiritual or physical. Tantra involves the whole being and not just sexuality. Our sexual energy and energy balance in general is more important than what we anticipate, when we get out of balance we start having problems such as illness, sleepiness, unsatisfactory sexual performance and many other factors. Tantra can help us maintain this balance or harmony and therefore enjoy better overall health.

What is Neo-Tantra?

Neo-Tantra is bringing the ancient teaching of tantra in a more clear and understandable way into the modern world. Many aspects of ancient tantra involve the culture and daily life of the people of that time. We live in our own time and therefore tantra needs to be adjusted to match our culture and lifestyle. Neotantra should keep the main tantra teachings in a manner that is easy for us to understand and benefit from.

For us, at Soraya's Temple, neo-tantra involves all aspects of life and not just sex or desire. The aim is to bring the body into balance and harmony and gain greater awareness, influencing and improving all aspects of life and health. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in our body and is very important part of our being and has great impact on our life that we can imagine. Having the right energy balance will bring harmony to your entire life, helping with your day to day challenges and bring more deeper relationship to yourself and towards others.

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage can be used as a form of sexual healing, harmonizing the sexual energy and awakening core understandings of our being. The main goals of tantric massage is to promote relaxation, ease the stress, synchronize our body energy levels, balance our sexual desires and gain greater sexual awareness. The benefits from tantric massage are endless, while it can be a powerful cure for a number of sexual disorders, it can also improve all aspects of our life. By seeking greater sexual awareness and energy balance, one can handle stress better, be more creative in the challenges presented in the daily life and work, and be able to experience much deeper relation towards his/her partner and friends.

Tantric massage is very relaxing, it covers the entire body and pays special attention to the lingam (male genitals) and the yoni (female genitals). The therapist is using special techniques and movements, which are to promote peace and ease stress with gentle, loving touch and minimum pressure. It starts from the back of the legs, then covers the back, the shoulders and the head, where the main energy centers of the body (chakras) are to be harmonized. After that the tantric massage therapist will proceed with the face and make his/her way through the entire body down to the toes, using the same gentle touch and techniques to invoke deep relaxation and increase the sexual energy. The final and most important part of the massage is the lingam or yoni massage, where the tantra therapist will use series of extreme stimulation, bringing the patient close to orgasm and then stepping back, to accumulate the sexual energy to its maximum strength and then redistribute it through the entire body. The client, at this stage, should be in complete relaxation and leave himself in the hands of the therapist. The main focus is to let go and experience sexuality in a semi meditative state. Breathing techniques that promote relaxation will be advised, which are not a must but will help achieving the goals and therefore make the tantric massage complete.

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