Soraya's Temple - Goddess Soraya

London, UK
click to enlarge My passion of holistic therapy, coaching and instruction has led me to my unparalleled success in Tantra. My clients are mostly repeat clientele...they enjoy making the journey to me, not only for my wisdom and personality, but for my euphoric sessions.
In a session with me, you'll discover a private space where you can learn, touch; receive pleasure and ecstasy from your body, as the soul shows its true wonder. Your heart, head, body and physical being surrender in a way in which pure tenderness opens into an amazing journey. We focus together on the principles expressed through Tantra while we both nurture and awaken each other. We will share ourselves and surrender to each other, and experiment and learn how to receive fully without fear. You can discover parts of yourself on different levels that have remained dormant or just asleep. Knowing you’re ready to re-awaken, you have found me! Learn to release blockage, tension and frustration from current and past circumstances that have been repressed and replacing it with experiences of higher levels of love and connectedness.
I will teach you how to provide a heartwarming experience for others, how to touch and receive without agenda...enjoying every moment of the interaction full of desire and at the same time free from desire. The male G-spot is a powerful experience, and Goddess worship helps with reconnecting and getting centered.
My intention is to use my gifts of understanding, compassion, guidance and playfulness to aid in opening the hearts of those I work with. I encourage all to embrace the many facets of themselves in order to come into alignment and partner with our Earth and each other to create a more tolerant, loving world. I am especially interested in helping women to tap into their own radiance and sources of empowerment. I want to facilitate a healthier sense of sexuality and spirituality within our culture.
I provide concrete and thorough Tantra methods for couples of all genders, women and men...always in a quiet and serene environment. There are times I offer workshops...I hope you will be able to attend. Sometimes Tantra fanciers contact me about group get together's and request my presence for an intimate workshop or gathering of their own. The possibilities are endless.