Soraya's Temple - God Tangra

London, UK
tantric massage Tangra developed an interest in massage and alternative therapies in his early teens. He has developed a higher sense for reiki and other energy therapies, which are complemented into his massage techniques. Tangra has gathered different techniques and moves from all over the world, which he implements in his own routines. His style of massage is unique and often include pure improvisation, which is meant to fit the particular treatment plan and client's needs.
His sexual life started quite early and he's been seeking a greater understanding and sexual awareness ever since. For him Tantra was a logical step towards greater awareness and harmony with himself and others. For the last 3 years he has been specializing in sexual healing practices and specially tantric massage. For him tantric massage should not be separated from therapeutic massage as it is therapeutic in its nature. In his believe this type of massage can be much more productive as it gives more freedom, the therapist and the client are both nude and all areas of the body can be covered. Many "therapeutic massage" styles prohibit some "no-go" arousal areas, which restrict the therapist of accessing many muscles, which as any other muscle of the body, sometimes need stimulation to maintain normal muscle tone. He sees the body as one, there is no part different than the other, every part of the body needs to be stimulated and massaged. The same applies to the body energy level; the energy balance depends on all energies in the body, this is why one cannot maintain energy balance if his/her sexual energy is unbalanced. Furthermore, in our modern day culture sexual energy is the one thing that is most often out of synchronization and is very likely to be the cause of deep emotional or mental imbalances. Tantric massage can aid with balancing all the energies in the body, allowing the client to bring harmony in his life and be more productive in all aspects of live - sexual relationships, family, friendships, professional realization, education...etc.

Tangra is equally comfortable massaging women as well as men. If you are straight, bi-curious or gay and want a male tantric touch your are welcome.

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