Soraya's Temple - Frequently Asked Questions

London, UK

What's your availability?

We are usually available 10am-12pm, with advanced notice. Earlier and same day appointments are also possible. Advanced notice is advised for all appointments, since our schedule fills up quickly.

What happens during a session?

Each session is tailored to fit your needs. When you show up, we will sit down and talk about your interests, desires, problems etc.. We focus on your intention and how to connect more deeply to your sensations and to feel the fullness of the moment. The bodywork is a way to put all of this into practice, and is both extremely relaxing and very sensual. For couples, we can help you connect more deeply with each other, build communication skills, and guide each other on how you like to be touched.

How do I prepare for a session?

  • Eat a light meal beforehand. A heavy meal in your belly will detract from fully enjoying the session, as will being very hungry. Be sure to drink water before and after to keep you hydrated.
  • Refrain from stimulants such as caffeine and refined sugar for at least 1 hour before your session.
  • Good personal grooming required. A shower is provided if needed.
  • If you think you may want to extend your session, please have your donation amount with you for the extended time.

I have never experienced Tantra...this is my first Session. Is there anything I need to know beforehand?

Tantra is designed for you to relax, and to surrender to your senses. Prior experience is not necessary, nor is prior reading. Any questions are always answered prior to a Session via both emails and on the phone.

May I tip you or give a gift?

Tips are always welcome and appreciated...never expected. All gifts are graciously accepted, very much appreciated and of course, will be put to amazingly good use!

Do you use holistic and hypoallergenic products?

We use only nurturing and nourishing botanicals as a basis for a Session, as well as natural and essential oils with scents that are not only pleasant, but also have many healing qualities, such as Grape Seed and Sweet Almond Oil.

Is sexual intercourse a part of Tantra?

Our work constitutes a holistic Tantra Session ritual...although the undertones of Tantra are sensual, please be advised that we do not engage in intercourse as part of our practice with clients within Sessions. We do create an erotic and sensual experience for you during our shared time as we co-create a sacred space, but sexual intercourse is not included during our ceremony together. The client(s) take on a purely passive ''receiving'' role especially in a Tantra for Men, or Tantra for Women Session. This gives a great opportunity to have a new and different bodily experience that is free of expectations. We specialize in initiating and facilitating a unique experience into a person’s own lust and sensuality. The client is receiving in most cases (does not apply to Goddess Worship or Mutual Tantra), and in this way, a beneficial, nourishing erotic experience is co-created with me. It is a special opportunity to experience one’s self as a sexual being in a new and different way.

Is it normal to be slightly excited during Tantra?

Yes, it is perfectly normal, and is welcome during Tantra and nothing to be ashamed of...this goes for both women and men.

Can Tantra help built confidence in both men and women in terms of sexual issues?

Sexual issues and dysfunctions are often connected to strong expectations or fears, whereby it becomes difficult to allow erotic feelings to arise or even recognize them as such. During Tantra, the Session is dedicated to the client and their feelings, without entering into a 'relationship' with the Tantrika. This provides a setting in which you can observe what actually happens, without being concerned with what should happen. This can open the space for sharing with your partner at a later time.

I would like to set up a Couples Session as a surprise gift but I am worried that my partner will not be happy with the set up. What do you recommend?

If you book a Session for your significant other whether, realize that it is especially important that he/she finds herself/himself in a familiar and SAFE place, especially if the partner has problems with their sexuality in general. If either of you are new clients, this sense of comfort and security may be missing...if this is the case, we advise that either partner book either a Tantra for Women or Tantra for Men's Session. If in doubt, it would be best to discuss the possibility of Tantra openly with your partner as to what paths to pursue. It is always best to avoid imprudent "surprises."

Is Couples Session a good idea?

Tantra for All/Any Gender Couples is always a good idea, if both are open and ready to experience something new. Both partners simultaneously immerse themselves in a sensual experience...later they can share what they have learned and experienced with each other, hence enriching their relationship for years to come. In addition, both parties experience new aspects of their perspective sexualities and both can bring what they have learned home, or into other relationships down the road. Couples, as in all Sessions, tends to awaken curiosity and opens up the eyes to all new things that can be discovered alone, or together.

Are there limits in Tantra?

From past experience, Tantra will result in relaxation and well being. If we 'both' determine that the client is not physically, mentally or emotionally able to handle Tantra, we will not book an appointment for them. Tantra is not a substitute for medical treatment so it is best that if you wish to book a Session that we ask that you speak to your doctor to make sure that Tantra is indeed for you.